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McCutchen Family Northwest

James Monroe McCutchen (5/23/1834-5/23/1922) Born in Morgan County, MO, the son of a magistrate and miller, James Monroe left home in his early 20's. He made at least two trips west by the time he was 26, when the Civil War started. His adventures before he was married at age 46 included being shot in a family feud, mining gold in Alder Gulch during the time when the vigilantes were active, being caught as a spy in the Civil war--by his own side, owning a successful cross-continenal transportation company, ranching in Nevada and homesteading in Washington state.

Mary Landon McCutchen: Born in Hinesburg, VT on May 31, 1855, Mary attended a teacher's academy, taught school in Vermont for several years, then she and a girlfriend took an emigrant train to Elko, NV, where she taught school until she met and married James (J M).


  • Short McCutchen genealogy
  • James Monroe's life in Missouri, Montana and Nevada,from birth to when he met Mary Landon.
  • Photos of family, area, related subjects
  • Links to other sites of specific interest


  • Short Landon-Mcewen Genealogy
  • A little about Mary Landon's life in Vermont
  • Mary's trip west in the emegrant train from Vermont to Nevada
  • Photos and information about Landon relatives who came west, including a hop growing adventure by Mary's brother
  • Photos of Mary's Journal and other items of interest
  • links to other sites of specific interest

James Monroe McCutchen and Mary Mirinda Landon were married February 2, 1880 in Elko, NV. The couple became ranchers in Elko and had 9children in as many years, 8 of whom lived to adulthood. Six of their children eventually moved to Eastern Oregon. Some stayed some didn't. The following pages tell the stories.


  • JM and Mary's early years of marriage and birth of their children
  • Life on a ranch in Nevada, with excerpts from Mary's journal
  • Photos of family
  • Links to sites with more information, photo

In 1892, the family sold their land in Nevada and took almost 3 years to trek from Elko to Yacolt, WA.

By Covered Wagon from Elko to Yacolt

  • Early 1892 to late 1894
  • History of trip, from children's stories and Mary's journal
  • Map and photos of route and journal

Yacolt, 1894-1906

  • Early Yacolt photos
  • The first McCutchen home in Yacolt
  • The Yacolt Burn
  • links to specific sites of interest

The McCutchen Homestead

  • The McCutchen Homestead, 1894-present
  • Photos and stories about families living on the homestead
  • Map of McCutchen and Cole lands
  • Links to specific sites of interest

East of the Mountains

  • The McCutchens in Eastern Oregon in the 1920's and 1930's.
  • Photos and stories about McCutchen and Fisher families
  • Photos and info about dryland wheat harvesting with horses
  • Links to specific sites of interst

The McCutchen Children...and their children

  • Photos and stories about each of JM and Mary's children and their children as available

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